About Us

Jinan MORN Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Li, Ms. Dong and their supporters in 2008. They have long harbored the dream of consistently providing quality equipment to the global market. MORN LASER is the trademark registered by the Laser Business Division of MORN GROUP.

In a small workshop in 2008, a revolutionized laser cutting machine was born: MORN. In addition to growing sales for the new laser machines, MORN imported professional engineers and sales teams year by year. The MORN business expanded quickly, and became a rising star in the industry.

Headquartered in Jinan, our company is committed to the ongoing innovation, high quality and consistent manufacturing while providing and maintaining exemplary after sales services to support an ever growing portfolio of world class Industrial Laser products and related solutions. These products are used extensively throughout the industry for cutting, welding, engraving, cleaning and marking of materials with unrivaled laser precision. The company is also perfectly positioned to provide very specific and proprietary laser solutions wherever these might be needed.

All of our products are certified CE compliant and have also obtained FDA approval.

Since inception the company has been geared towards the international market and to date we have successfully applied for brand and patent protection across 55 countries. We have successfully established warehouse operations and regional after sales service centers in America, Britain, Philippines.

Our core philosophy is to build value with our clients, we do this by understanding and analyzing their specific challenges and are thereby able to provide a tailored solution to match, in so doing we are able to directly contribute to the success of our clients business.

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  • E-mail: mornr@mornlaser.com