Automatic Laser Welding Machine
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  • Air ProAutomatic Laser Welding Machine
  • Air ProAutomatic Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Automatic laser welding machine has an image processing system and can be customized according to customer's product requirements to achieve a straight line of metal workpieces, such as any track circumference welding, mobile phone batteries, sensors, medical equipment and other industries. Contact us for more info.

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Product Description

Automatic Laser Welding Machine


Auto laser welding systems are the prerequisite for efficient, optimized and productive sheet metal processing.

The primary advantage of the laser welding process is that the welding speed is up to 10x higher when compared to other welding processes. The result is strong and resistant welded joints, less heat input into the component and thus almost distortion-free workpieces.

The laser welding systems can be optimized with component-specific clamping technology, which allows flexible production as well as quick and safe retrofitting.


1. Accurate and fast welding of complex parts, logo, metal words, etc.

2. Solid and perfect welds fully meet the welding requirements of different industries;

3. CCD camera monitoring system, real-time display of welding effect;

4. 360°rotation welding, large welding range, flexible welding of hard-reach position;

5. Can be upgraded with a handheld welding gun to achieve manual welding;

6. High electro-optic conversion rate, low energy consumption;

7. Suitable for 24h industrial mass production.




Laser source


Laser head


Welding depth

0.8-1 mm

Output power tunability


Emission wavelength


Modulation Frequency


Spot size


Power supply

AC 220V 50Hz single ph rase/AC 380V 50 Hz three phrase

Electric current


Total power


Operating tempereature

10-40°C<70% Humidity

Cooling method

Water cooling S&A 1000w/1500w/2000w


For option


SS, CS, Brass, Aluminum, Galvanized sheet



Package Dimension:



*Auto parts: hydraulic ejector, filter, sensor, solenoid valve, etc.

*Lithium-ion battery: extreme materials, cylindrical caps, etc.

*Mobile phone industry: mobile phone backplane, studs, card slots, etc.

*Electronic industry: sensors, motor rotors, capacitors, relays, etc.

* Kitchen and bathroom appliances: kettle, faucet, hook, sink, range hood, etc.


Titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, gold, silver, carbon steel and stainless steel, and also cooper-brass, cooper-titanium, nickelcooper, cooper-titanium and many other dissimilar metals.

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