Mini Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine
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Mini Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Mini metal plate laser cutting machine adopts 360° full enclosed design to completely isolate smoke and laser radiation, minimize pollution to keep safe. MORN provides professional fiber laser systems with 3 years warranty and life-long aftersales service.

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Product Description

MORN Mini metal plate laser cutting machine is equipped with nLight laser source, Japanese Fuji servo motor, Taiwan guide rail and rack. The working life is more than 10 years. It is widely used in Jewelry, glasses, digital products, electronic components, clocks, precision machinery, craft gifts, and other precision parts production. Such a machine is known for compact design, mature technology, high cutting precision and efficiency, which is preferred by small and middle-sized factory or home use.


Product parameters of Mini Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine​:



Working Area


Laser Power


Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Maximum IdleSpeed


Maximum Acceleration

0.5 G

Power Supply

AC380V 50HZ OR AC220V 60HZ


Product features and applications of Mini Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine​:

1. Gantry rack&pinion structure and high torque double servo system, improving the production efficiency greatly;

2. Crossbeam adopt the aluminum section with finish machining. Light, good rigidity and dynamic ;

3. Intensive chasis with tempering and vibration aging , Good stability ;

4. Fully enclosed housing is in accordance with CE standard ;

5. The professional laser cutting software has the function of scan cutting ,graphic arrangement and sharp angle smoothing , which can realize high-speed cutting.

 It is widely used for precision electronics cutting, mobile phone case cutting, U-disk shell cutting, glasses frame cutting, electronic component cutting, jewelry cutting, digital products cutting, electronic components cutting.


Product Details of Mini Metal Plate Laser Cutting Machine​:

1. Enclosed Sliding Door

Full Enclosed Design,360° Protection.

Completely isolate smoke and laser radiation

2. Marble Countertop 

Acid and alkali resistance;

High hardness, wear resistant, antimagnetic;

Stability of accuracy during high-speed operation, improving processing performance.

3. Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head


Double layer contamination-proof design to protect all collimator lens and focusing lens, minimizing the risk of contamination of the collimator lens to nearly Zero.

Built-in double cooling design   

Built-in double water-cooling structures can ensure the constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, perfectly solve the problem of heat dissipation.

Drawer-type lens mounted

Dial focus adjustment and manual correction, fine and flexible adjustment, adjustable range 20mm, precision 0.05mm

Optimized structure design      

Optimized optical configuration, smooth and efficient airflow design, no longer jam due to rust.

4. Imported nLight Laser Source   

· Exceptional cutting effect on highly reflective materials like gold, silver, brass, copper, aluminum, mirror SS, etc.

· Back Reflection Protection; uninterrupted failsafe processing of reflective metals with no damage to the laser

· Designed for rugged durability; ensures continuous operation in harsh manufacturing environments.

· Advanced Electronics Design; provides faster piercing and processing of fine features with smaller heat-affected zones.

5. S&A Industrial Water Chiller

• Automatically adjust the temperature according to different working environment, no need to change settings parameters;

• Intelligent dual temperature dual control mode to satisfy different needs of a fiber laser device and the optics;

• Multiple alarm protection;

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