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Malaysian Customers Visit Morn Factory And Buy Fiber Cutting Machines


Mr. Xu and his wife got in touch with our sales staff on Wechat in April and asked for information about the price configuration of our fiber cutting machine. We provided several schemes and recommended machines according to Mr. Xu's request.


Mr. Xu decided to come to our factory in June to visit and learn the operation of fiber cutting machine. Our company welcome Mr. Xu and made the corresponding arrangements, foreign trade manager and relevant leaders of the company warmly received.


In June 2nd, customers arrived at Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport. The company arranged for vehicles to pick up and deliver. First arrived at the factory, in order to let customers more comprehensive understanding of the fiber cutting machine, the factory's technical engineers from the machine bed structure, configuration, fiber laser source and so on to explain how to choose a good quality fiber cutting machine. And detailed explanation of matters needing attention in optical fiber cutting machine. And visited the technical department, quality inspection department, production workshop and product exhibition hall and so on, to my company's design capacity, production capacity and other aspects of the situation gave full recognition. After visiting the factory, we brought our customers to our headquarters in order to let them know more about the company. The manager of the foreign trade department introduced the product types, quality inspection and production status of the company to customers. At the same time, customers of our company laser production capacity, quality control and further cooperation issues were exchanged.


After this on-the-spot inspection, customers said that they saw the overall strength of our company is very strong, the comprehensive strength of our company has a more comprehensive and detailed understanding, for the future long-term stable cooperation laid the foundation, but also marks the MORN GROUP in the Malaysian market further development!

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