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MORN® Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Keeps Pace with Global Booming Bike Sharing System


Bike sharing system is not new to us and the earliest one can be traced back to 1967 when an Amsterdam’s group Provo launched 50 bikes for public free use. And then many other European countries and American countries sponsored the bike sharing programs in succession. Up till the early 2017, China also joined the team who provides authorized large-scale shared bikes for public use. At the same time of offering convenient and environment-friendly trip modes for people, these shared bikes also bring huge business opportunities, of which fiber laser cutting machines are extensively adopted to process metal parts used for bike manufacture.


With increasing bike sharing programs springing up around the world, bike manufacture industries have posed a higher demand for manufacture efficiency and cost. Most of bike parts, like stainless steel brake discs, sprockets, and wheel rims, are made from sheet metals which mainly consists of stainless steel and aluminum (alloy). These materials all can be processed by fiber laser cutting machine which excels at cutting various sheet metals with high efficiency and lower cost. To achieve mass production of bike parts to meet the great demand, fiber laser cutter cannot be absent from such demanded and fast production lines. Depending on this background, MORN® fiber laser cutting machines are welcomed by global bike manufacturers.


Three advantages of MORN® fiber laser cutting machine can explain why it is welcomed by global customers. Firstly, professional tests prove that its cutting efficiency is triple of that traditional cutting methods, that is, less energy consumption produces more power. This energy-saving feature rightly caters to the need of mass production. Secondly, MORN® fiber laser cutting machine can cut with high precision and fast speed, for its cutting precision can be 0.02mm and the laser head moves faster meantime. For bike part, even subtle error can cause assembling troubles and even accidents when people ride the bike. Precise parts are therefore of great importance for shared bike manufacture. Lastly, MORN® fiber laser cutting machine requires little regular maintenance and parts replacement due to that high quality machine structure and components are utilized to produce the fiber laser machine. Take the laser generator for example, its service life can last for 100,000 hours. Hence much operation and maintenance cost will be saved and more efficiency and returns can be reaped by users.


Recent years, MORN has never been spoiled by the increased sales volume of fiber laser cutting machine, and on the contrary, MORN always adheres to the belief that 100% safety, high quality and considerate service are the competitive core of business development.

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