What kind of metal laser cutting machine do you need?

When choosing the metal laser cutting machine, many buyers easily fall into some traps and ended with the wrong machine. Here are some questions to help you to make it clear.

  Are you willing to spend extra money on 10% orders?
Lots of buyers pay too much attention to the maximum cutting thickness and ignore the maximum percentage of cutting thickness.

For example, one buyer said he’s going to cut 12mm-16mm stainless steel and ask for advice on the power. We’re about to recommend 6000W laser, and before that, we asked one question: what’s the metal thickness that takes up the largest proportion of your cutting? He told us 4-8mm. Since this thickness can go with 2000W. Then we asked him the proportion of 12mm-16mm metal cutting. Does it exceed 10%? Because the price of a 6000W metal laser cutting machine is at least double that of 3000W. If to cut 4mm to 8mm stainless steel, 2000W-3000W laser cutting machine is enough, but we generally leave a margin for laser power attenuation, so we recommend 3000W. That is to say, if you didn’t make it clear, you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for 10% products. It turns out that you originally can get a payback in 2-3 years, now you have to wait for extra many years. Are you ok with that?
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