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How to solve the abnormal reset of laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine is a modern commonly used processing equipment. When processing, there will always be some headaches, especially when the laser cutting machine is reset abnormally. This is also a problem that everyone is more concerned about. In such a situation, how should we do it?

The laser cutting machine has a lot of precautions since its use. The laser cutting machine is not only the technology used in the process, but also requires us to have a certain understanding. The laser cutting machine often has engraving and initialization problems, which needs to be done here The correction of the data can solve the problem.

The engraving of the laser cutting machine, the initialization is incorrect, the data has been sent (correction): the operation sequence is reversed (re-enter); static interference (check whether the ground wire is off); the cleaning edge is misaligned and not closed, check whether the software parameter setting is correct ( Reset); The computer system is wrong (reinstall the operating system and software); Check whether the left and right belt tension is consistent or the back end belt is too loose (belt tightening); Check whether the belt or the synchronous wheel slips or skips teeth (tighten the synchronous wheel or Belt); check whether the beam is parallel (readjust the left and right belts).
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